Overcoming Self Doubt: The Journey to Unshakeable Self Confidence

You ever be so deep into a funk that your inner voice switches from encouraging to self doubt?
(I’m factually not alone with this)
For example, we switch from saying, “I can.”, “I’m confident...”, “I will…” and “I’m capable.” to now saying, “Nothings going right.”, “I can’t….”, “I’m not…” and “I’m not good enough.”
Oh and the actual usage of the word “Never” always baffles me.
It happens often throughout our lives. The difference between boosting ourselves and doubting ourselves equates, in comparison to, our highs and our lows. When we are able to pick ourselves up and start feeling better about everything that we have… Like literally seeing all of our blessings and appreciating them… it leaves us feeling invincible and hella confident.
Man, the feelings switching back to confident and encouraging “inner chatter” is amazing. I’ve been giving myself grace lately and looking at myself through these lenses, and it’s making life so much more fulfilling.
Enjoying my highs....
Right now. 

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