Do Happy Stuff

Trust your gut. Always! That's God. We ignore our gut. STOP THAT!

That’s a powerful indicator.

It’s there for a reason and serves great purpose. We fear the unknown and allow it to keep us in convenience because contentment looks way too hard to achieve.

Why is it so hard for us to be kind to ourselves?

Why do we have to break, bend and fall sick before we render care to ourselves?

We can easily list a bunch of things that bother us, but when asked about the things that make us happy, now we’re drawing a blank.

You don’t think you’re worthy of preventative maintenance?

Happiness and Peace of mind may get expensive at times, but so does Sickness and Depression.

It’s never too late to start working on you. Make time today to do something that makes you feel hella good. Get dress, or even go buy one, HELL! (I can make a $10 dress look like heaven. I wear it, it doesn’t wear me), or keep it casual and go walk at the nearby waterfront…. Grab an ice cream cone, book an overnight flight, book a room somewhere…. maybe even just sipping some shade under a tree.

IDK, but it’s Friday, go do something that makes YOU feel good.

Go find your SereniTea,


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  • Sherri Johnson

    Love it and hear you baby girl💖😘

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